These pages show you images of a three weeks stay in Libya in March 2006. Images include Mu'ammar Gadaffi,As-Saha al-Kradrah,Green Square,Libya,Tripoli,Assai al-Hamra,Tripoli Castle,Jamahiriya Museum,Venus,Leptis Magna,Oea,tri polis,Tiberius,Octavianus Augusrus,Sabratha,Cyrene,Appolonia,Ghadames,Ubari,Eclipse,Waw Al-Namus Mu'ammar Gadaffi, self-proclaimed leader of the masses, 'mad dog of the Middle East', 'father of African unity', author of 'The Green Book' seized power over Libya in 1969 at the age of just 27 and was killed in 2011 following a bloody civil war. As-Saha al-Kradrah, or Green Square, is the central heart of Tripoli. Until the 1970s, the square was right on the waterfront of the Mediterranean. The main shopping and business streets radiate out from the square and on the western side of Green Square the Assai al-Hamra (Tripoli Castle), the entrance to the old city and the Jamahiriya Museum are located. Tripoli's Jamahiriya Museum, situated in the north-west corner of the Green Square, houses one of the finest collections of classical art in the Mediterranean. The entrance hall shows an elegant statue of Venus in front of a wall with mosaics from 2nd century AD. The Roman gallery on the ground floor has some superb mosaics and statues from Leptis Magna, Oea and Sabratha, the three Roman cities that formed the tri polis. The first part is dedicated to Leptis Magna and a statue of emperor Tiberius watches the visitors from his maroon alcove. Tiberius was born in 42 BC in Rome. After the marriage of his mother with Octavianus Augustus, and after a number of succesful military campaigns, Tiberius was adopted by Augustus and finally succeeded him as emperor of the Roman Empire in 14 AD. After Tiberius' death in 37 AD, his adopted nephew Caligula seized power.