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Central Cairo : high-rise buildings, felucca's and the Nile Central Cairo’s skyline at sunset Cars crossing the Nile on Qasr el-Nil View from the Cairo Tower The Step Pyramid of Djoser in Saqqara Guards at Djoser’s funerary complex Statue of Ramses II, Memphis’ museum Statue of Ramses II in Memphis’ museum
Alabaster Sphinx, Memphis’ museum The Pyramids, Gizeh The Pyramid of Menkaure, Gizeh The Great Pyramid of Cheops, Gizeh The slopes of the Great Pyramid of Cheops, Gizeh The north face of the Great Pyramid of Cheops Policeman on camel guarding the Gizeh Plateau A local cameldriver trying to pick up some tourists
When the work is done... The Sphinx and the Pyramid of Chefren, Gizeh The Sphinx and the Pyramid of Cheops, Gizeh Between the remains of the funerary temple Boats to Philae on the shore of Lake Nasser The Isis temple complex at Philae Collonades along the outer temple court, Philae The 18m high towers of the first pylon
Bas-relief of Hathor, Horus and Ptolemy XII Collonade in the central court Relief of Ram-headed god Khnum View into the Inner Sanctuary of the Temple of Isis Reliefs cover every wall in the temple The offering of food to Hathor Another relief shows the pharaoh and some hieroglyphs More hieroglyphs
More offerings, probably of perfume or fragrant oils Isis and (or as) Hathor The Kiosk of Trajan New loads of visitors are being ferried to Philae Sunset view over the Nile and the desert beyond A traditional canvas-sailed felucca The Great Temple of Ramses II, Abu Simbel One of the four Colossi of Ramses II