These pages show you images of a five day stay in Burundi in September 1992. The first night in Burundi's capital Bujumbura, we're having company of a couple of hippos. During the night they walk around our tents. Early the next morning a pied kingfisher hovers above the waters of Lake Tanganyika. Sitting on a stone is a malachite kingfisher. It's 6AM and all is still quiet. From Bujumbura we travel towards the province of Rutana collecting firewood as we go. In 1992 aids is still spreading quickly and a sign warns about it in a small town. Our destination for today is Karera Falls, a beautiful series of waterfalls and plateaus. In 2007 they were listed on UNESCO's World Heritage Tentative List. Unfortunately a sharp something punched one of our tires and with no garage in the neighborhood we need to be self reliant. Next day we continue from the Karera Falls to Gitega, home of the famous master drummers of Burundi. In a spot outside the village a semicircle of drums greets us. One after another men appear from the fields to prepare for a show. And with a hypnotic rhythm they appear from around a rondavel playing the drums on their head. The late afternoon sun casts a warm glow on the performers. It's an impressive sight watching this guy carrying and playing the heavy drum on his head. All drummers line up in front of us. Some of them dance accompanied by the drumming of the others. Leaps high in the air make for an energetic show. Even some kids take part in the show playing their own drums while smaller kids in the audience practice without drums but good timing. We experience a professional performance out in the open in the warm glow of the setting sun. They must have seen it several times before but maybe it's not the drummers they're interested in but us white guys. Along fields of peanuts we leave Gitega for the border with Tanzania.